Andrew Caldwell Claims His Bank Account Has Been FROZEN by Kordell Stewart [Video]

Andrew Caldwell is still ‘delivert’…and now without access to funds.

According to Andrew, his bank account was frozen by Kordell Stewart. Kordell recently won a $3 million judgement against Andrew for defamation after Andrew publicly claimed the two had a sexual relationship.

In a video, Andrew claims Kordell had his bank account frozen.

I went to the daggone debit card machine, to try to get the money out this morning. Do you know this man put a hold on my bank account? Kordell Stewart got a hold on my bank account. You calling around to Facebook — yeah I got a letter. And then you’re reaching out to my landlord… Are you that broke tryna get some money from me?

The video goes on for nearly 20-minutes. Andrew says that he plans to file a lawsuit against Kordell and that his upcoming book will spill the WHOLE tea about their alleged relationship.

When I first said that I slept with Kordell, I was delivered and still is delivered. First off, I’m planning on filing a lawsuit on this Thursday. I wanna clear my name. I’m very beautiful. I take good care of my skin, about to get a nose job. I don’t need to lie about sleeping with nobody.

Watch the video below. Do you believe Kordell and Andrew were once lovers?

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