Ana Navarro Defends ‘Crass’ Comment About ‘Breastfeeding’ Maluma: He’s a ‘Perfect Human Specimen’ |

Ana Navarro Defends ‘Crass’ Comment About ‘Breastfeeding’ Maluma: He’s a ‘Perfect Human Specimen’

Ana Navarro is addressing the backlash she faced after she made some comments about Maluma.

via: Page Six

Navarro isn’t backing down after being criticized for saying she would like to “breastfeed” Maluma.

“Listen, if you don’t want to get vulgarity and something crass, and directness and bluntness… literally don’t follow me, don’t listen to me,” the “View” co-host, 51, said on the show’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Friday.

Navarro’s lustful comments about the 29-year-old “Coco Loco” singer were made in a lengthy Instagram post last weekend.

“Good Lord that boy, Maluma is sexy -he’s young enough to be my son, which might explain why I’d like to breast feed him,” she wrote after attending the musician’s concert.

Navarro doubled down on the podcast, saying, “You think I’m the only menopausal woman or man lusting over Maluma? Go look at him, he looks like a Latino David. Like, he could have been carved by Michelangelo.”

“I mean, he is crazy good-looking. This kid is a perfect human specimen,” she added.

Taking the breastfeeding comment literally, Navarro jokingly said, “I’m 51 years old, I couldn’t get anything to come out if I tried.”

As previously reported, fans weren’t too thrilled with the political commentator’s crude caption.

“I always liked you and enjoyed your intelligence and humor. I’m a person who likes a good joke and fun but I’m disappointed in your behavior lately and your vulgarity. Sad,” one user commented.

Another called Navarro’s comment a “double standard,” writing, “if a man said something similar about a female performer they would instantly be canceled and raked over the coals.”

“Why do I have a visual of you breast-feeding that boy that I cannot unsee,” a third asked.

However, the executive producer of “The View,” Brian Teta, sided with Navarro, saying, “They overreacted, in my opinion.”

Other fans also found humor in Navarro’s controversial remarks.

“‘Breast feeding Maluma’ oh my Gawd, only you, Ana!!,” one user previously wrote, while another said, “you crack me up! You look fabulous!”

Despite mixed reactions, Navarro has gone as far as to reach out to Maluma’s team herself.

“I also did call my friend, who’s Maluma’s publicist, and said to her, ‘Listen, please for the love of God get Maluma on the show, and if he does come on the show, I’m coming out with a baby bottle.’”

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