Amid ‘Swarm’ Buzz, Malia Obama Will Create Short Film with Donald Glover’s Production Company

Donald Glover is opening up about what fans can expect from him in the future.

via: Daily News

Donald Glover, the Emmy Award-winning creator and star of “Atlanta,” has taken Malia Obama under his wing, giving her a big break to collaborate on a forthcoming film project.

The eldest daughter of former U.S. president Barack Obama served as a staff writer on the new Amazon series “Swarm,” which was co-created by Glover. According to Variety, Malia is also said to be working on a short film for his newly created production company, Gilga.

In a GQ cover story published Tuesday, Glover revealed that early on in his mentorship of Malia, he didn’t sugarcoat reality with the 24-year-old Harvard University alum.

“The first thing we did was talk about the fact that she will only get to do this once,” he shared.

The actor said he warned her: “You’re Obama’s daughter. So if you make a bad film, it will follow you around.”

Glover’s longtime collaborator and creative partner Fam Udeorji also explained that “understanding somebody like Malia’s cachet means something.”

“But we really wanted to make sure she could make what she wanted — even if it was a slow process. … It’s more about diversity of thought than just, like, diversity for optics,” he added.

“Swarm,” which has generated buzz on social media for its themes revolving around an obsessive fan resembling a member of Beyoncé’s Beyhive, was released on Amazon Prime Video on March 17. The seven-episode psychological thriller stars Dominique Fishback, Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey, and is one of the first projects to come from Gigla.

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