Ameriie - Mustang [New Music]

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Ameriie is back to close out 2014 with some new music!

The new song is called “Mustang” and it’s available for streaming below.

Ameriie recently sat down with Audrey magazine and opened up about her upcoming projects, BILI, a nod to the initials of the earlier album Because I Love It, and the long-awaited Cymatika Vol. 1,  that are both scheduled for release in 2015.

via Audrey Magazine:

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Sensory overload! Sensory overload!’” she says, “and I can feel overwhelmed. But I do love to create.”

That was the theme for Because I Love It, a celebration of making art for the pure love of it. While the upcoming BILI will retain a couple of songs from the 2007 album, it’s mostly filled with new music that is sonically similar — a blend of hip-hop, soul, new wave and electronica. The album’s first single, “What I Want,” produced by her husband, and its lyric video have been released.

In contrast, Cymatika Vol. 1’s sound is bolder and more cinematic. “Cymatics is the study of visual sound,” explains Ameriie. “They’ll take sand on a plate and put vibrations through it, and you can watch the sand making shapes when you go from one frequency to the next. The patterns aren’t random; sound affects the matter in a certain geometric pattern, so that made me think about what sound does to us, how we’re affected by music and our own words.”

We’re totally excited for new music from Ameriie. It’s been way too long.

Get into “Mustang” below.

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