Amanda Bynes Shares New Rap Song ‘Diamonds’ [Video]

Someone might want to check on Amanda Bynes — because she’s back to believing she has a rap career.

A few years ago when Amanda was at the peak of her public battle with mental health, Amanda took to social media with a bunch of wild tweets and a new look that was eerily similar to Blac Chyna’s.

“I stole her look,” Amanda clarified in a later interview about the tweets. “I was getting the microdermals in my cheeks because she had them. I thought they looked super hot on her. I never said she stole my look. I’m a fan of hers.”

For the last few years it seemed as though Amanda’s Blac Chyna ambitions were wiped away as she worked to regain her sobriety, mental health, and pursued a career in fashion.

Today, Amanda took to her YouTube channel with a new rap song called “Diamonds” featuring another rapper named Precise.

The track begins with a man rapping, “This is the way I wake up, get the grind on the hustle.” Eventually, Amanda comes in on the track, singing, “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my neck, on my wrist / Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my fist, yeah, I whip.” 

Amanda’s attorney, David A. Esquibias tells E! News of the reason behind the new track, “Amanda is stuck at home and bored like everyone else. She is just having fun, trying to lighten the mood.”

According to another source, the man on the track is actually Amanda’s fiancé Paul Michael who goes by Precise.

A second insider tells E! News that the song is “just Amanda expressing herself.”

“She’s made other videos where she raps along to songs,” the source explains. “She is still at FIDM pursuing a career in fashion as she has been.”

Whatever’s going on, we hope Amanda is in her right mind and in good spirits.

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