6ix9ine Gives Out Alcohol At Miami Restaurant, Is Promptly Thrown Out [Video]

6ix9ine continued to make headlines with his antics. According to a new report, the “TROLLZ” rapper got kicked out of a restaurant in Miami after giving patrons free alcohol.

via: HotNewHipHop

Once again, Tekashi 6ix9ine is up to no good. Most headlines surrounding the New York native as of late have been about him dissing Gunna or dropping his location on Instagram. This past weekend, however, he was causing trouble out on the town in Miami with a large entourage alongside him.

An exclusive report from Page Six reveals that the rapper and approximately 20 of his friends got the boot from El Tiesto Cafe earlier this week. The incident took place on Sunday (January 22) night as a result of the 26-year-old’s reckless behaviour.

Sources tell the outlet that 6ix9ine went behind the establishment’s bar without permission. Afterward, he picked up bottles of tequila to pour into patrons’ mouths without charging them.

At the same time, some of the “MAMA” artist’s friends began dancing on top of the Dominican-Japanese restaurant’s bars. The staff reportedly asked them not to do so, and didn’t hesitate to take forcible action to end their antics. Around 8:20 PM ET, Tekashi and co. had an escort take them out of the building.

Surprisingly, the exit may not have been on totally bad terms. Before leaving for the night, 6ix9ine allegedly hugged someone near the security stand. A source informed Page Six that “he’s friends with the owner,” and is a frequent visitor of El Tiesto.

The controversial figure left with most of his crew and a bodyguard. He spent a few minutes standing by his multicoloured Rolls Royce before eventually driving off to the next destination. In the vehicle with him was allegedly a female passenger in the front seat and a male in the rear.

After 6ix9ine dipped, a few of his friends stayed behind, sitting by the bar. About 20 minutes after the former gang member’s exit, a police officer arrived, but no arrests were made.

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