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50 Cent Rips Trey Songz for Calling Woman ‘Ungrateful’ Over $300

50 Cent is coming for Trey Songz.

via Complex:

On Friday, Fif hopped on Instagram to roast Trey regarding a financial dispute between the R&B singer and an unidentified woman.

The G-Unit boss shared screenshots of a text conversation between Mr. Steal Your Girl and said woman, which features Trey Songz calling the woman “ungrateful” for not appreciating the “300 bills” he “threw” at her.

“I threw 300 bills directly at you,” Trey’s texts read. “You turned around and gave me the middle finger. You girls ungrateful as fuck.”

Though it’s unclear when and where the money was exchanged between Trey Songz and the unnamed female, that didn’t stop 50 from airing out the singer’s dirty laundry on Instagram.

“Trey said you ungrateful I threw $300 dollars in your direction,” 50 captioned a screenshot of the pair’s conversation. “Lol my God I’m over here crying. Trey gonna kill her!”

50 Cent’s post arrives weeks after he shared his thoughts on the recent fight between Jacquees and Trey Songz.

Earlier this month, the G-Unit mogul took to social media to troll the pair after Jacquees described the alleged confrontation between himself and the Ready singer. In true 50 Cent fashion, the rapper gave his opinion on the matter.

“These R&B [ninjas] is crazy,” 50 wrote. “I told yall No R&B LOL. I’M SORRY CAN’T PUT THEM TOGETHER. THEY THINK EVERYBODY THINK THEY SOFT So they pop off.”

Trey is never beating the abuse allegations.

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