2 Dead and 1 Injured After Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire in Mexico City [Video]

A married couple died on Saturday after their hot air balloon caught fire in Mexico City, while their daughter has been hospitalized for injuries sustained from jumping out of the balloon.

via People:

The accident occurred just moments after the family posed for one last photo together in front of the aircraft, according to Daily Mail UK.

The outlet has identified the deceased as Jose Nolasco, 50, and Virginia Becerril, 38, from the city of Caujimalpa de Morelos, just 12 miles away from Mexico City.

Police said the couple’s daughter, Regina Itzani — whose exact age is not clear due to conflicting reports — broke her arm and sustained second-degree burns from jumping out of the balloon after it caught on fire, per Daily Mail UK.

The outlet reported she is expected to survive, with her grandmother, Reyna Gloria Sarmiento, telling local press that Itzani was “conscious” and stable.

According to the publication, Sarmiento also told reporters, “It was the birthday of my daughter Viridiana, Regina’s mom, and they had prepared this ride as as a surprise for her,” adding that Itzani hugged her parents before jumping out of the balloon.

A video shared on social media shows the basket of the balloon engulfed in flames, and a person descending from the aircraft. According to Daily Mail UK, police would not confirm if that person was Itzani or the pilot. However, it has yet to be determined whether or not a pilot was onboard.

The accident occurred over the ancient site of the Teotihuacan ruins, per Daily Mail UK. The outlet reported that police were at the site where the balloon finally landed and were presumably covering the deceased with a tarp.

Authorities said on Sunday that the cause of the fire is currently under investigation, though initial reports state that it could be the fault of the fuel storage system, the outlet reported.

Town hall officials in Caujimalpa de Morelos said in a statement, per Daily Mail UK, “We send our condolences to the family, friends and acquaintances of Jose Nolasco and Viridiana Becerril who died in the hot air balloon tragedy in Teotihuacan. Our solidarity and prayers are with Regina and we wish her a speedy recovery.”

So sad.

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