Young Thug's RICO Trial Resumes After Three-Week Hiatus |

Young Thug’s RICO Trial Resumes After Three-Week Hiatus

The trial of Atlanta rapper Young Thug and his YSL co-defendants has resumed after a three-week delay.

via: Rap-Up

The pause took place after the stabbing of co-defendant Shannon Stillwell in Fulton County Jail on Dec. 10, 2023. Facing two murder charges, he was allegedly attacked by fellow inmate Willie Brown. Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville dismissed the jury for the holidays the following Tuesday.

Thug is being accused of leading the alleged Young Slime Life (YSL) gang. Prosecutors claimed that it was a subset of the Bloods reportedly involved in various violent acts in Atlanta. The rapper also faces numerous drug and gun-related indictments.

In her opening statement, Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love argued, “YSL, as the evidence will show, didn’t move individually. The members and associates of YSL moved like a pack, with defendant Jeffery Williams as its head.” Conversely, the defense maintained that the acronym was merely a record label, Young Stoner Life Records, with its artists portraying fictional criminal personas in their music.

Last year, Glanville permitted prosecutors to use song lyrics as evidence, which drew criticism for its potential to mislead and prejudice. “They’re going to look at these lyrics and instantly say they are guilty,” Yak Gotti’s legal counsel, Doug Weinstein, shared. “They are not going to look at the evidence that’s actually probative of their guilt once these lyrics get in front of them.”

Meek Mill also chimed in on the situation. He explained, “It should be impossible to charge Thug and [YFN] Lucci for lyrics because, in the studio, we all give each other lines and don’t remember who said what after a high night in the studio.”

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office stated Stillwell will be “placed appropriately” in the jail following his recovery. However, the specifics of his arrangement weren’t disclosed.

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