Young Thug's Lawyer Wants YSL Polo Removed From Trial Following Odd Behavior

Young Thug‘s attorney, Brian Steel, has set forth a petition to have YSL Polo separated from the rest of the YSL RICO trial due to his erratic behavior.

via: Rap-Up

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is in the middle of another tough legal situation. The trial of YSL Polo, a member of his Young Stoner Life (YSL) collective, has been postponed amidst countless odd legal maneuvers. Earlier today (Sept. 3), XXL reported that Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, filed a motion on Friday (Sept. 1), to have codefendant YSL Polo, born Cordarius Dorsey, dropped from the trial due to his unprofessional behavior in the courtroom.

Initially slated for a courtroom proceeding this month, YSL Polo’s trial has been pushed back to allow the defense and prosecution additional time to prepare their cases. The reasons behind this rescheduling remain undisclosed, leaving fans and legal pundits alike in speculation.

This week, there was a viral video of YSL Polo swirling in a circular motion while making strange faces and noises in front of the judge. The judge did not appreciate his antics and pleaded for his counsel to get their client in order. Young Thug’s lawyer pushed to remove Polo from the RICO case to ensure he received a fair trial.

Young Thug, known for his genre-bending music and outside-of-the-box fashion sense, has been a strong force in the rap industry for years. His YSL/300 Entertainment label, which has seen the rise of talents like Lil Keed, Gunna, and Lil Gotit, has also been the subject of ongoing legal scrutiny.

YSL Polo faces legal charges that have yet to be publicly disclosed in detail. This case has garnered attention and raised questions about the legal challenges faced by artists and their affiliates in the rap industry.

The trial’s postponement offers both sides an opportunity to dig deeper and build their cases, leaving the public curious about what would happen next. As the trial date looms, it remains to be seen how this legal drama will impact YSL Polo’s career and the YSL collective.

In a genre often marked by its intersection with the legal system, this trial represents yet another chapter in the complex relationship between hip hop and the courts.

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