Yikes! Swae Lee Gets His Lip Busted After Fan Throws Phone on Stage for a Selfie [Video]

Swae Lee left the stage bleeding on Sunday night after getting hit in the face with a fan’s cell phone.

During Rae Sremmurd’s “Dazed & Blazed Summer 2018 Amphitheater Tour” with Wiz Khalifa at Dallas’ Starplex Pavilion, a  fan apparently wanted a selfie and threw her phone onstage.

The phone hit Swae in the face and busted his lip open. It also knocked out part of his tooth.

As blood ran down his face, an understandably upset Swae threatened to sue the fan.

“I’m finna sue your ass. On my mama, I’ma sue your ass,” he said holding the girl’s ID and attempting to read her name aloud.

Lucky for her, Swae had a change of heart this morning.


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