WORLDZ Summit Announces $10 Million Marketing Industry Support for Causes During WORLDZ Goodfronts

WORLDZ Goodfronts, a first-of-its-kind competitive marketplace for social good, took place at the third edition of WORLDZ: Chasing True North last week.

The marketplace was designed to engineer positive change by connecting the most important causes of today with the resources they need to achieve their mission.

The “action auction” — comprised of global brands, agencies, and marketing experts raised an estimated $10 million to support several non-profit organizations including: Gun Safety Alliance in support of the End Family Fire gun safety campaign, Love Has No Labels, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the UN World Food Programme.

In addition to the $10 million raised, marketing contributions were also donated that comprised of money, creative services, advertising inventory, staff time, and mentorship to help drive meaningful impact for the non-profit organizations.

WORLDZ Community Commitment Highlights Included:

  • Gun Safety Alliance in support of the End Family Fire gun safety campaign: Clear Channel Outdoor pledged support; VMLY&R agency pledged creative services; SMG (owner of multiple arenas and venues) pledged to host local market gun safety awareness workshops; Mayor of Los Angeles’ LA Unified School District liaison will create a teen-centric awareness campaign;  EKO will create an interactive educational video, director Nancy Spears/genConnect will create a parent-oriented gun safety education digital course; Young & Republican will use their resources to help create the campaign website; and Picture Motion offered pro-bono public relations and issues outreach services.
  • Love Has No Labels sneak-previewed a sizzle reel of their upcoming short campaign film “Rising”, directed by David Nutter (Game of Thrones) that will launch on November 13, 2018. After viewing the teaser, WORLDZ members Budweiser, Clear Channel Outdoor offered inventory, YouTube pledged to show the short film with distribution.
  • Jude Children’s Hospital: Hulu will mentor staff in best practices for social media and digital marketing, and the Adlandia podcast will interview the organization’s leadership to help St. Jude attract a new generation of committed, long-term donors. Quantcast and Fund Duel additionally pledge to support the campaign.
  • World Food Programme: AT&T committed funds to produce a feature documentary film about the Migration Crisis driven by extreme hunger, plus an additional $1 million in cash toward marketing the film.  Wattpad, a digital writer-multimedia agency marketplace, committed to amplify the film upon release.

We love when brands leverage their social impact (and money) to help make the world a better place.

Get into more information about the WORLDZ Goodfronts via an excerpt from the press release below:

Founded by Ross Martin (CEO, Blackbird) and Roman Tsunder (CEO, WORLDZ + PTTOW!), the first edition of the WORLDZ Goodfronts was hosted by Ross Martin and television news correspondent SuChin Pak. During and immediately following the non-profit presentations, WORLDZ participants offered live feedback and ideas to presenters, and make instant commitments within their sphere of access and expertise, in person and also via the WORLDZ app. Closing remarks about the power of collaboration between marketers and causes were delivered by Josh Golden, Publisher, Advertising Age.

“Just hours ago, at the first-ever WORLDZ Goodfronts, we witnessed some of the greatest business leaders in the world make the decision to put the power of their brands, technology, creativity and platforms behind the causes that need them most. The impact of their commitments will be immediate and long lasting. The next generation of social good has arrived,” Ross Martin said. “The WORLDZ Goodfronts was an amazing opportunity to take the End Family Fire campaign to the next level.  As a coalition of the willing, the Gun Safety Alliance needs more opportunities to raise awareness, amplify our message, and drive activation – the WORLDZ Goodfronts delivered on every count!” – Steven Wolfe Pereira, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Quantcast (member of End Family Fire & Gun Safety Alliance Coalition).

“What an amazing group the WORLDZ community is, passionate about making a real and lasting impact for the benefit of people of all ages facing extreme hunger and food insecurity.  The energy, enthusiasm and expertise here in the room today will make a real difference for the World Food Program as we save and change lives.  Working together across the WORLDZ and PTTOW communities, we believe we can galvanize leading brands and corporations to end hunger.” – David Beasley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

The global summit works to unite superstars & rising stars from organizations such as Calvin Klein, COMPLEX, Ducati, LMVH, Samsung, T-Mobile, Marvel, Atlantic Records, Volcom, and more to create the world of tomorrow. One-hundred emerging leaders, along with CEOs, CMOs & cultural icons from across 70 different industries will gather to learn, be inspired, and commit to action.

We love it!

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