Woman Punched in the Face and Knocked to the Ground on NYC Subway Platform by Deranged Man in Unprovoked Attack

An unsuspecting woman was sucker-punched in a random attack while walking on a subway platform, a wild new video shows.

via: Daily Mail

Shocking footage captured the moment a New York woman was punched in the face in an unprovoked attack on a Brooklyn subway platform.

Hannah Marie McAllister, 27, was sucker punched out of the blue while walking in the Clinton-Washington Avenues subway station on Sunday evening.

The attacker, who has not been arrested, appeared to be in an intense back-and-forth with an unseen person moments before he unleashed on McAllister.

He then sprinted at her while she looked aimlessly at her phone, delivering a flying punch to her face that sent her to the ground.

According to official NYPD crime statistics, the Big Apple has seen a sharp spike in transit crime, which has risen over 44 percent since the same time last year.

Police said the attacker fled the scene in an unknown direction and managed to escape the station.

Posting to TikTok after the attack, McAllister said she is now ‘focusing on healing’ after the incident.

‘I just want to say thank you very much, genuinely, for all the love, support, and genuine concern,’ she continued.

‘I shared this so that people are aware and as safe as possible, I obviously wish things had gone differently but I can’t think about that now, so I’ll just learn from my mistakes.’

She added thanks to the couple who rushed to her side for being ‘so nice and so sweet’, including helping her home after suffering the surprise blow.

Hannah also posted footage of the incident that she says was deleted from TikTok for ‘graphic content violations’.

In the video, she reportedly remarked that the attack could have been potentially avoided if she hadn’t been on her phone, saying: ‘I should have been paying more attention, but ya know.’

‘People come out to help me, but it does show his face clearly, so I’m hoping they are able to catch him,’ she added.

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