Woman Gets Physically Thrown Off Train After She Spits, Curses, and Hits Passengers [Video]

I’m not sure what’s going on with people and disorderly contact on public transportation these days…

A woman who was filmed swearing and abusing people on a train in Australia, got what she deserved when she was thrown off onto her backside by other passengers.

The triumphant moment when her fellow commuters gang up on her and physically move her off the train was caught on camera and has become a hit on YouTube.

The video shows the young blonde spitting, swearing and hitting Sydney commuters until they finally snap and kick her off the train.

The commuters initially try to ignore the ranting woman as she spits at them while shouting: ‘F*** off you c****, come on you little dogs step up!’

After ten minutes of constant abuse a middle-aged man standing nearby attempts to calm her down, but instead the woman starts battering him.

Shortly afterwards some of her victims lose their patience with the young woman and as the train pulls into a station, five of them take action.

They gather her bags and throw them onto the platform, swiftly followed by the woman herself.

After landing on the platform floor on her bottom the woman can be seen sheepishly staring at the vigilante travellers in disbelief who laugh and cheer in triumph.

Eventually as the video ends a security guard at the station escorts the woman away.

The video has drawn plenty of reactions from YouTube users, specifically debating whether this constitutes violence against a woman or if her provocation made her train-tossing acceptable.

via Daily Mail


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