Wiz Khalifa Opens Up About Ending Feud with Kanye West: 'We Spoke on the Phone' [Video]


Wiz Khalifa spoke to NYC’s Power 105 and explained how exactly he managed to end his short-lived feud with Kanye West.

“We spoke on the phone,” Wiz said. “Kim and Amber spoke on the phone. It’s all good.”

He continued,

“It was crazy because I don’t think that’s anything that wouldn’t happen between anybody else. That could have happened between anybody. The way that we settled it, the way that we bounced back, that’s all the really matters.”

When asked if this was just some publicity stunt for Kanye’s album, he said ‘no.’

“It’s the universe man,” Wiz calmly said. “The universe puts a lot of things. It could have went so many different ways. Individually, we all have control When you put certain elements together you can make something that people see as impossible.”

We don’t really care how it happened. We’re just glad that it did. Watch Wiz’s interview below.

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