White man Arrested After Going on Racist Tirade in Grocery Store [Video]

A South Carolina man was arrested in connection with a racially-charged incident that occurred in a grocery store last week.

via: Revolt

According to WBTV, 27-year-old John Walter Miles became upset because the store clerk would not allow him to purchase booze on April 9. He then called the employee a racial slur, which prompted onlookers to take out their phones and record the incident. Miles’ girlfriend tried to get him to leave the grocery store, but he refused.

“Guess what? All lives fucking matter! Black lives don’t fucking matter!” he said, as his girlfriend tried to push him out of the store. Miles then noticed that he was being filmed and began speaking directly to the camera.

“‘Black Lives Matter’ is the most racist fucking thing we’ve ever fucking seen!” he shouted. “All lives matter. All lives fucking matter. That’s how it is. What about goddamn brown lives matter? How about everybody else? All of you Black fucks are goddamn racist motherfuckers.”

“Get me on the recording, that’s fine,” Miles continued. “So, all of you Black fucks — guess what? I got a goddamn Black kid in goddamn Georgia. I’m not a racist motherfucker. Guess what? Fuck em. Fuck Black lives, fuck brown lives…”

Eventually, Miles was escorted out of the store. Jasmine Nicole, the young woman who recorded the incident to TikTok, uploaded the video to other social media platforms as well. She even found Miles’ Linkedin account, which listed him as a drill sergeant leader for the United States Army Drill Sergeant Association.

After reviewing the viral video footage, Sumter Police Department arrested Miles.

Check out Miles’ racist rant below.

Miles has been charged with aggravated breach of peace and trespassing.

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