White Employees Modify Claims in Their 'Reverse Racism' Lawsuit Against Diddy's Revolt TV

Earlier this year, three white men claimed they were victims of ‘reverse racism’ while working at Diddy’s’ Revolt television network.

As ridiculous as it sounded at the time, the trio is now modifying part of their claim.

via NYDN:

The men, Douglas Goodstein, Richard Wilson and Michael Schiff, alleged in a lawsuit filed in March that they were mocked for not getting “the culture” of televised broadcasts of the popular morning radio show on Power 105, “The Breakfast Club.” The radio show is aired on Diddy’s network, Revolt TV.

The white trio — who had previously produced TV broadcasts of Howard Stern’s freewheeling and politically incorrect radio show — said they were shocked by the lack of professionalism on the morning show that focused on hip hop culture.

“Whereas the show’s on-air personalities tolerated lateness, the production team was used to producing shows where such a lack of punctuality was either less tolerated or not permitted whatsoever,” their lawsuit reads.

They said they were unfairly fired in December 2014.

But in new papers filed last week, the crew says they will no longer claim to have experienced a hostile work environment or workplace harassment.

Goodstein and Schiff also now concede they only experienced “garden variety” emotional distress, papers show. 

An attorney for the three men, Justin Clark, said the new paperwork “in no way affects the plaintiffs’ reverse racism claim.”

“(They) continue to maintain that their terminations were the result of discrimination based upon race and/or age,” Clark said.

Two other white men who worked on the show, Todd Baker and Jason Preziosi, maintain their initial claims, papers show.

A call to an attorney for Revolt TV was not returned. Power 105 and “The Breakfast Club” are not named as defendants in the case.

Diddy previously said in a statement that the claims were without merit.

“Revolt Media and TV, LLC has always been committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer,” he said.

These men need to give it a rest.

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