What Divorce? Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Appear to be Working Things Out on Vacation


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were headed for divorce — but somewhere along the line they made a left turn and headed straight for a family vacation in Mexico.


According to sources, Olivier has no desire to separate from Halle and he’s working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen…even though she already filed the docs.

via People:

“If Halle wants to call it off, Olivier would be fine with it because he never wanted the divorce in the first place,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Despite Martinez’s wishes – and their recent vacation with their children in Mexico – there are no plans to put a hold on divorce proceedings. “No change in status,” a different source says. “As always they are friends.”

And yet, another source tells PEOPLE their relationship has recovered immensely since Berry filed for the divorce. “When they first filed for divorce[last October], things were not good. However, the anger went away and Olivier is just very upset about the divorce. He never wanted the divorce and still doesn’t.”

According to the source, Martinez is still in love with his wife of three years, and is especially concerned with maintaining a stable relationship with their 2-year-old son Mateo. “He loves Halle and his son. He wants to be with Maceo every day,” the source adds. “To get a divorce and share custody of Maceo is not a situation that Olivier wants to be in.”

In addition to Mateo, Martinez is extremely close with Berry’s daughter, Nahla, 8, from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry. “He also wants to be around Nahla like before. He cares about Nahla like if she were his own.”

Meanwhile, the source adds that, “Lately, Halle and Olivier are getting along much better. They both came to their senses and are doing what’s best for the kids. They are enjoying spring break in [Mexico]. The divorce is still being finalized, and there is no change for now. But there seems there might be a slim chance that they decide to stay married. There is still a lot of love between them.”

A separate source also stressed Martinez’s love for his children, saying his desire to cancel the divorce “doesn’t surprise me because being a father is really important to him. His son and Nahla are important.”

The source further explained that “Olivier came to being a father very late. He wanted to be one for a long time and it was something he was kind of frustrated over. He discovered a side of himself since Maceo was born. He and Halle are trying, I believe, to give the kids some stability.”

We support whatever’s best for Halle AND the kids.

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