Watch: Wendy Williams Blasts Phaedra Parks Over Apollo's Alleged Fraudulent Activities [Video]

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If you watch Wendy’s show, it’s no secret that she isn’t a fan of Phaedra Parks.

So — it comes as no surprise that Wendy put Phaedra on blast when discussing Apollo’s recent arrest for fraud and identity theft.

“It’s really bad. Apollo might get to jail before Juicy Joe [Giudice] with this one,” Williams told her audience. “Apollo and Phaedra, it’s time for you to get off reality TV.”

She then turned to her audience and asked by a show of hands whether or not they thought Phaedra knew of her husband’s alleged, fraudulent activities before he turned himself in.

“Of course she did!” Williams shouted, as the audience nodded in agreement.

She continued:

“Those Bravo checks aren’t big enough to buy a new funeral home and clothes for Mr. President,” she pointed out. “Somebody needed a job from some place.”

If we’re being perfectly honest — we were thinking the same thing!

Last week, it was revealed that Apollo Nida will face a federal judge on February 12th over allegations he created fake companies, opened fake bank accounts, and cashed stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into those accounts.

Watch Wendy share her thoughts below. Start around the 11:40 mark.

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