Well Damn: Marlo Hampton Claps ALL the Way Back at Porsha Williams for Accusing Her of Mixing Medication & Alcohol [Video]

Porsha Williams threw shade at Marlo Hampton on ‘Dish Nation’ after last week’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ — and Marlo threw it right back.

On ‘Dish Nation,’ Porsha gave her opinion on why she felt Marlo Hampton popped off on last week’s episode during the girls’ dinner with Big Freedia.

To sum it up, Porsha said that she ‘forgives’ Marlo for that day because she may have mixed up the medication she got for her liposuction with alcohol and it could’ve affected her behavior.

Marlo didn’t like that.

In response, Marlo left a comment on a Housewives’ fan page stirring up some old drama and bringing some accusations of her own to the table.

Yikes. Considering this came after the ladies taped their reunion, it’s safe to say these two did NOT make amends.

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