Weigh In: Did NeNe Leakes Cross The Line in Calling Kenya Moore's Friend Brandon DeShazer a 'Queen'?


Tensions were at an all-time high on this past Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We’ve already recapped the fight, but there seems to be a lot of debate regarding NeNe Leakes’ distasteful comments towards Kenya Moore’s friend Brandon DeShazer.

Throughout the course of the altercation, NeNe repeatedly referred to Brandon as a ‘queen’ and a ‘woman’.

Those words are often used as terms of endearment between gays and their friends, but the context in which NeNe spewed those words we feel was nothing short of negative and hateful.

Kenya Moore shared her thoughts on NeNe’s “gay bashing” while talking to Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

“I was really disgusted by that,” Kenya said to Andy. “It was disgusting to watch someone that’s built her entire career off of copying gay men’s lingo… for her to make defamatory and humiliating remarks. I think it was uncalled for and it’s no place to gay bash.”

“We’re a show that loves gay people, obviously… And what does it matter what someone’s sexuality is [as to] whether they got beat up or not? What does that have to do with anything? It’s completely uncalled for. I was quite disturbed by those remarks.

Andy kept relatively mum on the situation, after all his network has an entire show Fashion Queens centered around men who willingly refer to themselves as queens.

Which brings us to the question, do you think NeNe Leakes was wrong in referring to Brandon as a ‘queen’ or a ‘woman’ during a fight?

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