We Told You So: Wendy Williams Comes Clean About Drug Abuse, Living in a Sober Home Amid Reports of Relapse-Triggering Altercation with Husband Kevin Hunter Over His Alleged Mistress [Video]

Wendy Williams broke down in tears during her show Tuesday morning and admitted to receiving treatment at a sober living facility in Queens, New York, for an alcohol and prescription drugs addiction.

The 54-year-old is staying overnight at the facility run by the Pure Recovery Network.

Her admission didn’t come lightly — it came just hours after DailyMailTV ran their findings of a month-long expose detailing Wendy’s violent altercation with her husband, Kevin Hunter, which resulted in a fractured shoulder, her relapse, and her journey to recovery during her hiatus.

Basically — DailyMailTV published receipts for what we here at lovebscott.com have been telling you since we FIRST broke the news of Wendy’s health struggles.

We told you back in December that Wendy’s husband Kevin allegedly got his mistress pregnant and it sent Wendy into a downward self-medicating spiral.

Adding to the story, DailyMailTV says that Wendy hired a private investigator to spy on Kevin and discovered he was still very much seeing mistress Shrina Hudson.

This led to an altercation in which Kevin allegedly pushed Wendy and THAT’s how she fractured her shoulder. It was during her recovery that she began taking prescription pills and slipped back into addiction.

If you recall, things got so bad Wendy had to apologize for worrying fans slurring her words on air.

Shortly after, Wendy announced she was taking an extended break and planned to return to The Wendy Williams Show in January.

That didn’t happen.

At that time, lovebscott.com exclusively reported that the future of Wendy’s show was uncertain and that there were more serious issues at play. It was at  that time she sent us a cease and desist letter (with typos) denying any allegations of self-medication and Kevin’s alleged affair.

Wendy then pushed her return date back multiple times until eventually releasing a statement stating she was receiving treatment for Graves’ Disease and would be on hiatus indefinitely while she recovered.

For those who listen to ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast, B. Scott and Denver went into more detail surrounding Wendy’s ‘mysterious’ disappearance and why exactly she ended up being pictured in Florida.

As we suggested, Wendy was in Florida at a rehab program.

DailyMailTV has revealed that not only was Wendy in rehab, but Kevin flew his mistress down to Florida also.

‘Kevin sent [Wendy’ to a high end rehab facility in Delray Beach, Florida, right on the beach,’ the source said. 

‘But she was still drinking in the rehab. She was getting people to sneak her things in.

‘She was photographed with a woman outside a CVS in Florida, it was the mother of another patient in rehab who she’d met. 

‘Wendy had her to take her to CVS drug store, where wine and beer are also sold.’ 

Shockingly, the source reveals that Williams’ husband visited his wife at the rehab facility in Florida and took his mistress along for the trip. 

‘Kevin flew to Florida to visit his wife and took Sharina with him,’ the source said. ‘She stayed at the hotel while he went to see Wendy during the day.

Upon Wendy’s return to New York in mid-february, it was reported that Kevin ‘threatened’ Wendy Show staff to stay silent about what was happening.

Sources confirm to DailyMailTV that Kevin did indeed give the staff ‘bullsh*t’ reasons as to why Wendy was gone.

‘Kevin told the show the stress from work exacerbated her medical conditions.

‘He fed them the same bulls**t she said on TV when she came back, that her Graves’ disease was making her sick. Her Graves’ disease has never been an issue at all.’

Since then, Wendy has been photographed traveling back and forth to various programs and the sober living facility in the Tri-State area. The photos were published this morning — and a few hours later Wendy came clean about everything on television.

We wish Wendy the best in her recovery, we wish she would’ve been honest about this from the beginning (instead of threatening us with a cease and desist and lawsuit), and we wish we didn’t have to say this, but — we told you so.

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