Watch: Woman Ruins Small Hawaii Wedding Over Coronavirus Regulations [Video]

A woman took it upon herself to ruin a nearby couple’s special day by deciding to self-enforce CDC regulations restricting beach use due to COVID-19.

via Complex:

On Saturday, footage surfaced on social media of a woman who lives near Waimanalo Beach in O’ahu, Hawaii. In the video filmed by the woman, she decides to walk into the middle of a wedding, interrupting the couple’s nuptials to remind them that the beach is closed.  

The unnamed woman tells the group of about 7 to 10 people — some of which are small children — that they will be arrested for using the beach. But the wedding wasn’t even being held directly on the beach. They were standing in an area that was part of the home they were using. The bride can be heard trying to explain this to the woman, but she continues to tell them that they are risking arrest and that the police have been called. 

From the video, it appears like this tyrant has some apologizing to do. There looks to have been ten people or less at this ceremony, which kept it within O’ahu’s coronavirus gathering restrictions.

If the ceremony was on private property, then the woman ruined what was supposed to be one of the happiest days in the couple’s life. Also, she threatened to call the police on a group of non-threatening Black people at a time of heightened racial tensions across the country, simply because she felt she had the authority to do so.

This woman really needs to explain why she passed up SEVERAL white people on the beach participating in various activities to tell this particular Black family that the beach was closed.

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