Watch: Trump Supporter Charged with Assault After Coughing on Woman at Trump Golf Course [Video]

A Trump supporter is facing an assault charge after he was caught on tape not wearing a mask and purposely coughing on a woman at one of Trump’s golf courses.

The incident went down in Loudoun County, Virginia where 61-year-old Raymon Deskins has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault.

His arrest comes after video of his actions circulated social media. In the video, Raymon can be seen arguing with a protester before coughing on her.

Initially, Loudoun County sheriffs said Sunday that they were directing both parties to a magistrate since police were not at the scene to witness what happened.

Phyllis Randall, chair at-large of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, then demanded a full police investigation into the incident.

“I request that a full investigation be completed to ascertain if the man seen coughing in the video has violated any laws, and if so are charges applicable,” Randall said in a letter Sunday to Loudoun Co. Sheriff Mike Chapman. “I further request, because our constituents will reach out to me and my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors for information on this matter, you provide the Supervisors with updated information.”

After feeling the pressure, police eventually served Raymond with an arrest warrant. Watch video of the incident below.

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