Watch: Shiggy Confronts Drake Over His 'Missing' $250,000 Check for Helping 'In My Feelings' Go Viral [Video]

There’s been a rumor going around the internet for the last several days saying that Drake cut Shiggy — the man responsible for the #InMyFeelingsChallenge (#DoThe Shiggy) — a check for $250,000 as a way of saying thanks.

According to Shiggy, that hasn’t happened…yet.

In a clip shared via Instagram, Shiggy jokingly confronts Drake about his missing money.

 “Yo, what’s up, bro?” Shiggy said in the video. “I heard you gave me 250. I don’t know where my check is at, bro.”

Drake then blamed the delay on international matters and a delayed wire transfer.

“When I called Universal, they said, like, it’s international from Canada to New York so it’s on the way . . . It’s on the way, baby, It’s on the way,” he said. “You know what happens, I don’t know if you’ve ever sent out a wire, but when you send out a wire, it’s basically seven to ten days.”

Check out the ‘confrontation’  below.

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