Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. Reveals He's Living at Drake's House While He Finishes His Album [Video] |

Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. Reveals He’s Living at Drake’s House While He Finishes His Album [Video]

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Drake and Odell Beckham have gotten pretty close over the last few months.

In fact — they’re so close that Odell has actually been living in Drake’s house for a while.

In a game of Face-to Face with Ronda Rousey, Odell elaborated on a photo of him and Drizzy during the Houston Appreciation Weekend celebrity softball game last year.

He said:

“OVO! Uh…that’s my guy right there! Um… that was the first time we really hung out and stuff like that. [He’s] just somebody who i’m sure you can relate to. Just somebody who’s mindset is the same as yours and they want nothing but success. The want to be the best. We just click on a level like that. This really was the start of the coming friendship that’ll carry through a lifetime. I’m actually…weird enough, I’m actually staying at his place right now while he’s finishing the album. So, I’m just out there working out and it’s just…it’s… he needs to chill out with that house he’s got out there. It’s just too much going on.  But yeah, that was really the start of it all.”

Watch below.

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