Watch: Mom Caught Beating Her Son After She Finds Him Rioting in Baltimore [Video]

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Last night, riots ensued in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

Maryland’s governor Larry Hogan has issued a State of Emergency and has called in the National Guard. Over the last 24 hours, dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed and 15 people have been accounted for as injured.

While chaos erupted from the streets and a group of protestors turned to violence, one mother recognized her son in riot gear and was like “‘Not, MY child!’

That’s when the mother made her way through the crowd and snatched up her teenage son — on live television.

She can be seen in the clip hitting him repeatedly while chastising him for getting caught up in something he might not be ready for. You can hear her furiously questioning her son, asking what he’s doing.

“You thought I wouldn’t recognize you?!” / “What is wrong with you huh? What is wrong with you?” / “Take that f*cking mask off! You wanna be brave, huh? Take it off!” / “You wanna be out here doing this dumb stuff? This dumb s**t? /  Get the f**k over here. Get over here now! You hear what I say?”

She was NOT having it!

The video of the incident has made its way around the Internet and many have praised the mother for disciplining her child while others are criticizing her methods.

Watch the clip below. Do you agree with her actions?

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