New Music - Ciara - Jackie (B.M.F.) (Interlude)


Ciara is letting everyone know that she’s a “bad motherf*cker” in “Jackie (B.M.F.),” the latest leak from her new album Jackie.

The song starts out with Ci singing a soft ode her mother — then the beat drops and she starts talking her sh*t.

Can’t even hate ‘cuz you know this sh*t hot / Yeah I’m that b*tch, like it or not /Better get ready cuz’ I’m not gon’ stop /  A lot of these b*tches done came and they went/ I got a few things I’ma get off my chest / Please don’t act like you ain’t heard what I said

Alright, Ciara! Get into “Jackie (B.M.F.) (Interlude)” below!

Sidebar: If you haven’t listened to Ciara’s “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” click here.

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