Watch: Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Awkwardly React to 'N**gers in Vienna' Comment [Video]


Kim Kardashian abruptly left the Vienna Ball after being insulted by a man dressed in Black face pretending to be Kanye West.

That was the last straw, as moments before Kim was being interviewed by a local TV host when a fan dropped the N-word right in front of her.

‘This is the most beautiful moment of your life, isn’t it?’ the host asks the young man.

When asked if he is going to dance later, he says:

‘We’re going to dance… we’re going to wait for N****rs In Vienna’.

Kim and Kris are then left speechless as both the young man and the host nervously laugh, and wrap up the interview.

Watch Kim and Kris’ awkward reactions below.

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