Watch: Jeezy Explains How He Handled 'Disrespectful' Gucci Mane Moments During ‘Verzuz' [Video] |

Watch: Jeezy Explains How He Handled ‘Disrespectful’ Gucci Mane Moments During ‘Verzuz’ [Video]

The morning after Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s intense ‘Versus’ battle has arrived — and thankfully no one got hurt in the city of Atlanta as a result.

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Jeezy talked about how he managed to keep cool during Gucci’s many shady moments.

via Complex:

“I looked at it like we ain’t sixth graders. We not kids,” Jeezy said around the 6:45 mark. “You can’t antagonize me with something that we both understand ‘cause I’m not in the same mental space as I was 20 years ago and I know I can’t let you take me there. That would have been the biggest upset in my life because I have self-control and I’m very self-aware. It’s just like, ‘Hold up man, if that was the case, we might [not have even] came here.’”

He continued, “In my mind, I didn’t feel no way about it because I’ve already heard the song. I already know what people may think of the situation and you know that as well so you can’t antagonize me with that live and think that you’re gonna get a response because I’m not that same person I was 20 years ago when that’s how things spiraled out of control anyway. … I took the last 10 years to better myself because of a lot of things that happened in my life. I just promise myself I would never put myself in those positions again because when you react and somebody gets you off your square and you acting out of anger or you acting out of anxiety, it’s normally not the right decision.”

Among the many diss tracks that Gucci dropped was his 2012 song “Truth,” which references the death of Jeezy’s associate Pookie Loc, who Gucci shot in 2005. He was later charged for the murder but ultimately was acquitted.

Elsewhere, around the :45 second mark, Jeezy commented on whether or not he had plans for the battle, telling The Breakfast Club that his “plan was how I felt.” He continued, “My songs are my life so—that’s with anybody. I’m quite sure any artist feel that way but for me, like I know what I put my blood, sweat, and tears in my music so I could have played any songs—that wasn’t the case. But it was just how I was gonna feel to see what type of emotions any of these records brought back up, that either one of us played. It was more of a mental thing for me.”

Jeezy also explained around the 3:10 minute mark if last night would lead to a real moment of reconciliation between the two rappers: “It’s been going on almost two decades. It was a point when we were cool. … The real shit that went on, that’s just something me and him gonna have to figure out later on but for y’all it’s just like I understand it. The more it goes on, the worse it’s gonna be so we at least the forefront of it so anybody who’s behind us, that’s the way to go… time heals all. But that was effort—it was in front of the world. It wasn’t even for show. It’s real-life; we both gotta come to grips with that. We both gotta really be men.”

Well said, Jeezy. Watch the video below.

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