Watch: Everyone's Relationship Gets Put to the Test in 'Married to Medicine' Season Six Trailer [Video]

Married to Medicine is back for another season and relationship drama is at an all-time high.

via People:

Longtime stars Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb-Lunceford are all returning for another round of action, as will Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, who joined the crew last season. Mariah Huq will also be back, rejoining the team full-time for the first time since season 2. Huq was one of the original cast members when the series, which follows women in Atlanta connected to the medical community, premiered in March 2013.

And it seems like all are facing their own share of relationship woes this season.

At the end of her rope is Quad, who admitted last season that she and her husband of six years, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, had hit “a crossroads” in their marriage because he was unable to support her emotionally.

She’s since filed for divorce, but on the show, Quad is still in a battle with the psychiatrist — even allegedly getting rid of his possessions when he was out of their house.

“I come home, my goddamn sleep number was missing,” Dr. Greg says.

Quad had good reason. “I saw my husband last night dancing in the club with another woman in my m—erf—ing face,” Quad says, in tears. “Why would my husband do that to me?”

Meanwhile, in the middle is Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil Whitmore.

Dr. Simone shocked fans in January with the news that she and Cecil would be divorcing after 21 years of marriage. But months later, she took a pause — telling PEOPLE the two were going to counseling to see if they could “work it out.”

That’s where they still appear to be in season 6. Though divorce papers are off the table and the two are working towards moving back in together, their reunion isn’t necessarily all smooth sailing.

“You went to dinner with another woman,” she tells him during one tense scene, before walking away. “I can’t do it with you anymore.”

And then there’s the biggest surprise: Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband of 16 years, Curtis Berry.

She famously said she felt “homicidal” when she learned that Berry had been unfaithful last season, filing for divorce just five days later.

But the two appear to have reconciled now, often posting together on Instagram. This season will see them rebuilding trust — and back on the market looking for their perfect home together.

“I’m trying to get to 17 years [together],” Berry jokes, as the two have dinner in one scene.

Bush-Harris and her husband Eugene Harris, meanwhile, have put their tax issues behind them and their love line on the frontburner, celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary together.

Things also seem to be going well with Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Damon Kimes, who is there to support her as she undergoes counseling with an anger management specialist. And Mariah and her husband Aydin Huq are closer than ever when an unexpected health scare shakes up their family.

But she’s not the only one confronting a scary health crisis. Metcalfe is also taking careful measures to prevent breast cancer after a family member gets a critical diagnosis.

Luckily, all are there to help one another through their problems. “What are friends for if they cannot help you carry your burden,” Dr. Simone says.

Get into the trailer below! Married to Medicine premieres Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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