Watch: Ciara Talks Maternity Style, Whether She's Having a Boy or Girl, Recording Her New Album & More [Video]


Fresh after her big pregnancy reveal on The View, Ciara sat down with HuffPost Live and gushed on nearly all things pregnancy.

She opened up about the joys of being pregnant, whether or not she’s having a boy or a girl (hint: she says Future got what he wanted), her maternity style, and recording her new album!

Check out a few highlights:

On her idea of maternity style:
I kind of want to take the theme that “baggy is the new sexy.” I don’t know, I just want to be comfortable.

When I can’t wear heels anymore, I won’t wear heels. I’ll be putting on my Jordans. My Jordans and my Uggs will be my best friends, but it’s all about being comfortable. Of course, I like to get sexy — but I believe that pregnancy within itself is sexy and I don’t believe I have to show you that I still can be.

I kinda like it actually not being about abs and all that stuff. I really love this phase that I’m going through in my life and I just want to live in it. I just want to be a “mommy-to-be.”

On the joys of being pregnant:
It really is a blessing. It’s the most exciting time in my life. I’m really excited, like a little kid. You know when the kids are getting ready for Christmas and you can’t wait to see what’s under the tree?

On having a boy or a girl:
I did have a preference before I found out what it was. I had a preference at first and it was different than what I thought, but my fiancé got what he wanted.

On balancing her personal life and career:
I wanted balance. In what we do, you sacrifice so much and spend so much time into it and you give all of yourself, but if you don’t have balance in your life, everything you do will fall and you won’t have anything. I’ve learned that in the toughest of times, if I have love at the core of all of this, I’ll be good. If I have to wash my hands of this, I got love…and that’s all that matters.

On whether or not she’ll take a break from music:
No, I’ve been recording my album and I actually started around Thanksgiving of last year. I’m in the most comfortable creative space I could possibly be in. I will actually be giving my fans something really soon and I’m really excited about it because it’s so beautiful.

The performance at the Grammy after party, if you go online, you’ll see the videos that I did with them. I was actually four months at that time period, almost five months. I was jumping up and down.

Check out the interview below!

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