Watch: Black Broadway Actor Physically Attacked & Called the N-Word While on Tour in Nevada [Video]

In a video posted to Facebook, Broadway actor Elijah Ahmad Lewis says he was assaulted by a white woman in Nevada who repeatedly called him the N-word.

Elijah is currently on tour with ‘Motown the Musical’ and was in Reno for a performance. By his account, the stranger randomly approached him and began to attack — hitting him in the neck. The video shows what happened right after he pulled out his phone as the woman walks away from the camera shouting the N-word.

“Do not record me you f*cking ing n*gger,” she said. She repeats the racial slur several times.

Eliajah says he posted the incident online in part to show that the alleged assailant was fairly young, and that racism does not occur just among old people.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve posted on Twitter that police were investigating the incident and looking for the woman, adding “Hate will not be tolerated” in her city.

The City of Reno said that it does not condone the behavior in the video and “The City of Reno embraces diversity and welcomes visitors.”

Check out the clip below.

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