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Wack 100 Sued By Hollywood Actor For Alleged Vicious Beating

Wack 100 has been slapped with a lawsuit after actor Kenneth Walker accused him of knocking him out unconscious and leaving his jaw wired.

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Wack 100 is facing a legal trouble as a repercussion of his alleged aggressive behavior more than a year ago. The music executive has been sued by a Hollywood actor, Kenneth Lawson, for an alleged brutal beatdown that left him bloodied and disfigured in December 2019.

In documents he filed to the court and obtained by TMZ, Kenneth details his encounter with Wack 100 at the sushi joint Yamashiro Hollywood over a year ago. He claims that he was dining with his wife Monique at the restaurant when the manager of The Game and Blueface approached him.

Kenneth, who says he had never met Wack prior to the attack, says the latter started yelling at him and accusing him of speaking to Wack’s wife. Kenneth, who stars on the sitcom “In the Cut”, recalls Monique introducing herself as Kenneth’s wife in an attempt to deescalate the situation, but Wack wouldn’t calm down.

Kenneth recounts Wack yelling at him, “Keep your b***h in check,” before allegedly striking him in the mouth and jaw, causing him to “violently strike his head on the ground, knocking him unconscious.” Kenneth adds that Wack turned to his wife Monique and nearly landed a blow at her too, before he was restrained by guests who intervened.

Because of Wack’s punch, Kenneth claims he suffered a 4-inch deep laceration to his lip and chin, multiple fractures to his jaw, three dislodged teeth and one tooth knocked out, which required his jaw to be wired shut for 3 months. Kenneth adds that because of the injuries, he lost his Bounce TV show, which at the time of the incident was in its 7th season.

Kenneth and his wife Monique are suing for unspecified damages. They also name Cash Money Records and its label boss Birdman in the lawsuit, claiming Wack was at the restaurant that night to promote a recording artist named Bre.

It’s unclear how much Kenneth and Monique are suing for.

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