Video Vixen Suing Flo-Rida For 'Good Fortune' Child Support

Natasha Georgette

Natasha Georgette Williams is not aiming “Low” in her child support lawsuit against rapper Flo-rida, she’s aiming for that “Good Fortune” jackpot.

The model and video vixen is allegedly pregnant with Flo-rida’s child and is requesting that he pay pre-natal and birth related expenses.

In addition, she’s asking that all future child support cover medical, private schools, daycare, summer camp and all the usual expenses that come with having a child.

But, that’s not all.

Williams is als0 requesting a special child support called “Good Fortune” that is afforded to children of wealthy parents in Florida. Must be nice.

A paternity test has yet to be done and Flo-rida has yet to comment on the situation.

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