Tyson Beckford Stepped Out Of Modeling Retirement for Beyoncé [Photos]

Beyonce’s latest Ivy Park Collection was recently released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

via: Essence

Tyson Beckford gracefully bowed out of the modeling game in 2008. But a phone call from Beyoncé pulled him back in for a very special occasion.

Ivy Park’s latest capsule collection, lovingly titled IVY HEART, is inspired by love and dropping just in time for Valentine’s Day. Naturally, nothing Bey does is without flair and fanfare, so she pulled out all the stops and called on one of the top faces (and bodies) of the 90’s and 2000’s. When Beckford got the call, there was no question of what to do.

“I was like, ‘The Queen needs her knight? I am there!’,” he told us. “So it wasn’t even anything to think about. It was just, YES. Hell, yeah.”

And with good reason. IVY HEART is a bold, sensual collection featuring inclusive sizing and gender-neutral options in a spectrum of vibrant reds, playful pinks, and nuanced neutrals. Colors like Candy Paint (Shock Pink), Lipstick Smudge (Red), Raspberry Beret (Power Red), Red, Red Whine (Cherry Wood) and Cheeks (Off-White) are punctuated by tactile materials like velour, ribbed knit, and faux latex.

At the time of our interview, Beckford had already torn into his box and picked out his favorite pieces, though he has to share some of his highly-coveted Ivy Park goods.

“My mom has put dibs on half of my box already,” he said, noting that his mother had fallen victim to instant sell-out, as so many Ivy Park fans do. “So, it’s going to transcend, because every time she says she goes online at these drops to try to get something, Ivy Park’s stuff is gone!”

For Beckford, it was an honor to be called back on set after 13 years away from fashion cameras. After leaving the industry in 2008 feeling that he had done all there was to do, receiving the call to return for something as beloved and innovative as Ivy Park was a testament to the impact he’s had on the culture. The realization partially hit him while on set collaborating with two twin models.

“I got to meet the twins, and, oh, man, they were so inspired, those two young guys,” he shared. “They were in awe and they just were like, ‘Look, we’ve been looking up to you since we were babies.’ And for me, I forget who I am in the world. I always remain humbled by just being myself. So, for me, it was just humbling just to be thought of, to even come back.”

“When I got this phone call, it was just like, ‘You want my old ass to shoot?’” he laughed.

But rather than sipping rum punch on the beach for the past decade, Beckford has remained busy while in retirement from modeling. He’s been acting and producing films, and is even co-owner of a soccer club that’s seen championship success – he even designed their kits.

The model-turned-mogul has a big 2022 coming up after Ivy Park, including a new film called Singleholic, co-starring Rotimi, Erica Ash and Adrian Martinez. And he’s also going to be honored by one of the most iconic brands he modeled for.

“I heard Ralph Lauren wants to honor me, as well. So, I want to take my flowers while I’m here. And it’s rare that we get them,” he observed. “Usually, people don’t get their flowers until they’ve passed. So I’m very honored to be getting mine as I’m here, living, and breathing well.”

The IVY HEART is out Now!

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