Tyrese Gibson Keeps Fake Oscar Statuette At Home As Motivation

Tyrese has big goals for himself and he’s manifesting them.

via: AceShowbiz

The “Fate of the Furious” star, who has homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia, is determined to one day win the coveted honour so he’s doing everything to try and achieve his goal.

“I have a dream that I’m going to win an Oscar one day,” he told People.com. “I don’t know if it’ll be 10 years, maybe 20, but I just have it in my head that it’s going to happen.”

“I even went online and ordered a replica of an Oscar – I ordered two of them. I have one here in Atlanta and one in L.A. and I stare at it every day.”

Tyrese mentioned his “quest for a certain golden relic” in a clue package as part of U.S. talent contest “The Masked Singer”, on which he competed as the Robopine, until he exited the TV competition on Wednesday night (05May21).

The star reveals he primarily signed up for the show, on which celebrities perform in various disguises as a panel of judges attempts to guess their real identities, to impress his eldest daughter, 13-year-old Shayla.

“She basically said to me, ‘I love this show, why don’t you do it, Dad? You would win,’ ” Tyrese said.

However, he was unable to share his big news with his girl once he signed his contract. “The crazy thing is, I got the phone call that they wanted me to do the show and then I had to keep it a secret from her,” he shared, insisting Shayla had no idea her dad was the dancing and singing Robopine – a robot porcupine.

Can’t knock Tyrese for having dreams.

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