Tyler Perry Shot 19 Episodes of His Series 'Bruh' in Just Four Days

Tyler Perry has just finished a marathon-shoot of new TV episodes for four of his series.

When we say marathon, we mean Tyler managed to shoot 82 episodes of television in 32 shoot days — with the most intense schedule being for his BET+ sitcom ‘Bruh.’

The comedy shot a total of 19 new episodes in just four days.

via Page Six:

Since July 9 when the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta opened its doors for the cast of “Sistas,” Perry successfully filmed 82 episodes of his BET series “Sisters” and “The Oval” and BET+’s “Ruthless” and “Bruh.”

Perry filmed new seasons of his series amid the coronavirus pandemic using a quarantine bubble model, sequestering cast and crew on the lot for the duration of a shoot.

Overall, there were 32 shoot days and 51 quarantine days total for the four series, with weeklong breaks between production of “Sistas” and “The Oval” as well as “The Oval and Ruthless.” (Perry and his crew stayed in continuous production after “Ruthless” to shoot “Bruh.”)

Perry’s quarantine bubble model involves check-in testing as cast and crew arrive at the studio, with everyone staying in their rooms until test results come back.

There were four positive tests (out of 360 people) during the check-in phase on “Sistas,” none of which involved cast, and a cast member of “Ruthless” tested positive during check-in.

But the bubble held up; there were no positive cases in camp once cast and crews had checked in and production started.

It is TBD what Perry will film next at his studios. Coming up is a birthday break for the media mogul, whose birthday is Sept. 13, and accepting the Governors Award at the Primetime Emmy Awards Sept. 20.

The gag is these shows are absolutely going to LOOK like the 82 episodes were filmed in 32 days.

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