Twitter Blasts Google After Master P's Image Appears When Searching for Luther Vandross [Photos]

On Wednesday (July 5), scores of Google users noticed that, upon searching for the late R&B singer Luther Vandross, an image of Master P appeared instead.

via: HipHopDX

As of Thursday (July 6), a quick search of “Luther Vandross” on Google comes up with a photo of the No Limit Records founder as the lead image instead of the late singer.

One of those who came across the blunder was Questlove, who posted a screenshot of it to his Instagram page.

“This is why humans aren’t replaceable [unimpressed face emoji],” he wrote as the caption, referencing the recent rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Many of his followers took to the comments section to crack jokes about the incident with puns about songs and lyrics.

“Here and now, I promise to Make em say ugh..” one person wrote, mashing up Vandross’ tender “Here and Now” with Master P’s rowdy “Make Em Say Uhh!”

“He has No Limit to his Love Songs,” someone else quipped. “With hits like ‘Make ‘Em Say Never Too Much.’”

Another person referenced Kanye West‘s “Slow Jamz” by saying: “She said she want some Marvin Gaye, some No Limit Soldiers, a little Anita…will definitely set this party off right…”

On the other hand, some people weren’t amused by the mistake identity and believed it was racist on Google’s part.

“Really? So all blacks look alike ?” one person tweeted. “Google Luther Vandross. That’s Master P not Luther SMDH.”

Another said: “@Google who is responsible for this ? this is a picture of percy miller sr. aka master p, not luther vandross. i know yall think we all look alike but i can assure you we dont.”

“Well this is awkward. Ummm @Google we need to talk. SMH, Master P is not Luther Vandross,” read another complaint.

Master P is currently working on a television series based on No Limit Records that will “make history,” according to the man himself.

“No Limit TV series coming soon,” he wrote on Instagram in March. “We’re still looking for people to play the Ice Cream man and other characters. The real Master P story from New Orleans to the Bay Area. @deontaylor We’re about to make history. #GODisgood.”

Master P first announced the show last August, comparing the ambition of the series to 50 Cent‘s Power and Black Mafia Family.

“Power was a hit, BMF was a hit, salute to @50cent,” he said at the time. “Now the Master P No limit Tv series coming soon. Who y’all think should play the young Ice Cream Man? It can be an actor now or someone new.

“From New Orleans to the Bay Area the Real Story. Drama, romance, comedy, action and the American dream. When you put God first nothing is impossible.”

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