Trick Daddy Says Beyoncé ‘Can’t Sing,’ Jay-Z isn’t Best Rapper Alive [Photos + Video]

The Florida icon ruffled feathers when he questioned Jay-Z’s status in the Rap game while trashing Beyoncé’s talent.

via: New York Post

Stingers are being sharpened and a swarm of buzzing Queen Bey buffs is declaring digital war against musician-turned-“Love and Hip-Hop: Miami” star Trick Daddy Dollars for saying the 39-year-old “Single Ladies” songstress can’t sing.

“Beyoncé don’t write music and barely can sing her motherf–kin’ self,” Trick Daddy, 46, ranted to a panel in a Clubhouse audio recording which leaked Monday.

The Florida native and his cohorts were apparently comparing the honey-voice Houstonian’s talents to those of another unnamed female vocalist.

“Beyoncé can’t sing,” Trick Daddy continued, underscoring his low estimation of the 28-time Grammy Award winner’s ability to powerfully pipe.

“Man, I watched my godmama train Beyoncé, vocal lessons all her career,” he added while his Bey-bashing brigade chimed in with their equally hostile opinions of the “Halo” harmonizer.

Trick — who rose to urban pop culture fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with hits like “Nann N—-a,” featuring Trina, and “I’m A Thug”— then turned his talons on Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z, 51.

“I’mma give an unpopular opinion right now: Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That’s why they together,” he said.

“Jay-Z ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive,” Trick insisted. “Whoever put him on a level like that?”

The “Let’s Go” lyricist went on to claim that the untimely murder of Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls in 1997 left a void in New York hip-hop; thus, the “99 Problems” performer was unanimously promoted to fill it.

“New York lost [Biggie], they needed a hero because they wanted to be the Mecca of hip-hop,” he said, They just handed it over to Jay-Z.”

And abracadabra: For his distasteful discourse about music’s beloved Jay and Bey, Trick Daddy’s name is being yanked around social media like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.

So far, neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have publicly responded to Trick Daddy’s comments.

Do you agree with Trick Daddy.

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