Trey Songz Helps 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Take No. 1 at the Box Office

Not bad for his first feature film! Exit polls show that one out of every three attendees named Trey Songz as their reason for seeing the film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D goes down as the second-biggest opening Texas Chainsaw movie. Its bigger-than-expected estimated $23 million Friday-Sunday take was driven by presumably Songz-taken females, who made up more than half of the opening-weekend audience. About the only game the movie didn’t win was the Cinemascore one—per the polling company, the film was graded just a C-plus by moviegoers.

In its second weekend, Django ($20.1 million) held strong, and held onto second place in the weekend standings. Overall, the Quentin Tarantino Oscar hopeful is now at $106.4 million stateside.

Les Mis ($16.1 million) cracked $100 million nearly as fast as Django, 13 days to the latter’s 12 days. No movie musical has ever gotten to nine digits as quickly.

via E! Online

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