Trey Songz Goes Viral After Video Surfaces Of Him Spitting In Two Women's Mouths [Photos + Video]

A video went viral of an interaction Trigga had between two ladies, and it’s safe to say he sent the internet in a frenzy. In the video, Trey is standing over two women who are tongue touching as he lets off some spit into their mouths.

via: Page Six

A viral clip of R&B crooner Trey Songz spitting into the mouths of two women on their knees is causing concern in the COVID-19 era, as the singer tested positive for the virus last year.

The 13-second clip finds the “Circles” singer, 36, shirtless beneath moody, pink lighting and two women kneeling beneath him, flicking their tongues, as he spits. Camera flashes can also be seen during the act, leading many to believe it was being filmed for an upcoming project of some sort.

Many commented that since the women appear to be consenting adults, there is no harm done. Others however, recall the artist contracting COVID-19 himself back in October 2020, causing concern.

“I’m mostly stressed about the fact that it was a [covid-filled] loogie he spit in they mouth but okay.,” wrote a fan who reposted the clip. Another added, “The fact that this man had Covid and spitting in these girls mouths and they are LETTING him. Whew. Idc how big and good the peen is. No thank you sir @TreySongz.”

Songz recently addressed an alleged sex tape leaked by a fan, posting two photos of himself with a confused look on his face while staring into a smartphone and wearing a hat that says “Hoesmad” on Instagram.

The “Slow Motion” singer simply captioned the slideshow with a shocked face emoji.

The women were clearly unbothered as they didn’t even flinch as the spit fell in their mouths.

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