Track Star Allyson Felix Enjoying Second Pregnancy, No Training Or Drama [Video] |

Track Star Allyson Felix Enjoying Second Pregnancy, No Training Or Drama [Video]

Allyson Felix is expecting her second baby with husband Kenneth Ferguson.

via: TMZ

The 11-time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix says pregnancy is like a walk in the park this time around … telling TMZ Sports she loves not having to worry about training or chaos!!

Of course, Felix became an advocate for maternal protections in women’s sports after she lost sponsorship money during her first pregnancy … leaving her feeling abandoned for having a kid on the way.

Now that she’s retired from the sport, she is more at ease with the process … especially since she doesn’t have an early wakeup call.

“It’s totally different,” the track and field star said this week. “I wasn’t dealing with all the drama from before.”

“Now, yeah, I don’t have to train at 4 o’clock in the morning and do all that crazy stuff so that part is good.”

The new bundle of joy is five years after Felix’s life-threatening experience with her first pregnancy … when she had to get an emergency C-section following a development of pre-eclampsia at 32 weeks.

“I know a lot now and I kinda know the risks and everything that I experienced before,” Felix said, “So, that part, you know, that part is better.”

The traumatic incident motivated Felix — who retired in 2022 — to speak out for expecting black women, who research says deal with racial bias in the health care system.

She’s also working hard on her shoe company Spaysh and being part of the IOC Athletes Commission to support track stars like herself.

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