Tory Lanez Files New Motion For Release On Bail After First Motion Was Denied |

Tory Lanez Files New Motion For Release On Bail After First Motion Was Denied

Attorneys for Daystar Peterson (Tory Lanez) have filed a motion for his release on bail pending the appeal of his sentence in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case.

via: Vibe

The request is the second motion submitted by his defense team since Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford sentenced him to 10 years in August. The first motion was denied by the judge last month. Today (Oct. 10), the new update was announced by Legal Affairs & Trials reporter Meghan Cuniff.

“Tory Lanez has been in prison for three weeks, but he hasn’t given up on bail,” she tweeted. “His lawyers are asking an appellate court to let him out of prison as he appeals his convictions and 10-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.”

She added, “The arguments are nearly identical to the motion Judge Herriford rejected at the Sept. 14 hearing in LA (the one where Lanez called me a googly eyed bitch), including the forgoing of any mention of the rehab pushed at sentencing.”

According to the legal documents, the new motion urges the judge to consider that “the Canadian rapper isn’t a flight risk due to his high profile” and personal ties to the United States. It also raises “substantial legal questions” which his team believes could lead to a “reversal” — or “a reduced sentence” — if the motion is granted.

“For the reasons presented, it is respectfully requested that this court exercise its discretion to permit Appellant Peterson’s release from custody on reasonable bail pending finality of his appeal,” attorney Crystal Morgan stated.
“If granted, bail will allow him to continue his employment while staying in the geographic Los Angeles area, so that he may continue to support and lead his family, and be present during these formidable years with his young son.”

She continued, “Based upon this Motion, and the previously mitigating factors, which were presented at his sentencing hearing, Appellant Peterson’s request for bail pending appeal is warranted.”

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