Say What Now? Tory Lanez Dad Says Megan Thee Stallion Has Been “Forgiven” By His Family [Video]

Tory Lanez’s father shared that he, Tory, and their family have forgiven Megan Thee Stallion for her allegations that his son shot her.

via: HipHopDX

Tory Lanez’s father has revealed that his son has forgiven Megan Thee Stallion despite facing a lengthy prison sentence over allegations that he shot her.

Sonstar Peterson uploaded a video on Instagram on Thursday (January 12) addressing his son’s recent criminal trial, in which he was convicted of firing shots at the Houston Hottie and wounding her feet during a drunken dispute in July 2020.

It comes after Peterson caused a stir on the final day of the trial by expressing his anger at the jury’s verdict both inside and outside the Los Angeles courthouse, blasting JAY-Z — whose Roc Nation company manages Megan — in the process.

During the 40-minute social media sermon, Peterson said that both he and Tory, as well as other members of their family, forgave Megan a “long time ago” for reporting Tory to the police over the alleged shooting, for which he faces up to 22 years and eight months behind bars.

“This might come as a shock to many of you, but guess what?” he said. “Both my son, myself and others of our family have long decided that we are not going to hold any animosity against Megan Pete a.k.a. Megan Thee Stallion. We forgave that girl a long time ago. A long time ago.”

Peterson — a former pastor and ordained minister — went on to say that their decision stemmed from the knowledge that forgiveness is essential to one’s spiritual and physical wellbeing, and that harboring resentment can cause sickness and disease.

“We know that the principle of forgiveness is important in order to cleanse one’s heart, to cleanse one’s soul and to not be bound up with hatred,” he continued. “Hatred, esentment, bitterness — those things can actually diseases of the bones, it has been proven.

“And it can cause sickness in your body because you’re holding onto something that is negative against the real life force in your life.”

While it seems that he and Tory have let go of any animosity towards Megan, Peterson remained steadfast in his fight against what he referred to as “the machine.”

“Some will no doubt actually question: is he actually saying that Tory forgave Megan for all of what’s going on?” he added. “Yes, we have forgiven her. But what we will not back down from is the machine.”

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