Tommy Mottola on Mariah Carey: 'I have nothing but the greatest respect for her...' [Video]

Mimi and Tommy

According to Tommy Mottola, he wasn’t a Svengali character who controlled every aspect of  ex-wife Mariah Carey‘s life.

For those who don’t know, Mottola is credited for discovering Mariah Carey and turning her into the global superstar she is today. According to Carey, Mottola was extremely controlling.

Mottala appeared on Today and spoke with Matt Lauer about his new book Hitmaker: The Man and His Music. 

Matt Lauer asked hard-hitting questions and Mottola answered honestly. He admitted that he may have been controlling, but he justifies his actions because he turned Mariah into a musical icon. He even offered up an apology to Mariah.

He stated:

If it seemed like I was controlling, let me apologize. I think anybody that’s successful becomes obsessive about what they’re trying to succeed at.

Check out the full interview below:

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