Tommie Lee Sets The Record Straight Amid Ray J Rumors [Photo] |

Tommie Lee Sets The Record Straight Amid Ray J Rumors [Photo]

Princess Love recently claimed that Ray J and Tommie Lee previously hooked up, but now Tommie is clapping back to saying that isn’t true.

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As she is gearing up for her celebrity boxing match, Love and Hip Hop star Tommie Lee just may want to re-think her opponent in the ring from being Natalie Nunn to Princess Love after Princess sparked a rumor that Tommie and her husband Ray J allegedly had sexual relations.

In a Love and Hip Hop unlocked special, the cast was brought together to air secrets that weren’t shown on the show. Princess claimed that she heard Tommie spill the beans on a different Love and Hip Hop special that her husband Ray J allegedly slept with Karlie Redd and Tommie Lee. “Wait a minute, Scrapp was with Tommie and then Tommie hooked up with Ray because Tommie said that on the show one time… she said that on dirty little secrets,” Princess explained on a game show titled “Six Degrees of Separation.”

Everyone on the episode seemed to be able to laugh at the news including Princess, but Tommie didn’t seem to catch the joke. The reality star took to her Instagram saying, “I’ve never been with anybody on that show besides Scrapp. @Princesslove keep my f*ckin name out cha mouth spreading rumors girl ya man been for the streets, but he ain’t Neva bend my block FOH!”

After Tommie’s direct response to the rumors, fans called Tommie out on her bluff as the exact clip Princess was referring to resurfaced the internet. In a game of smash, marry, kill Tommie exclaims that she would boo up with Peter Gunz, Destroy Scrappy, and smash Ray J “one more time.” Tommie then stands on what she said by saying, “I said it, f*ck it.”

Is Tommie capping for the gram?

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