Benny the Butcher Says 6ix9ine's Manager Contacted Him About a Collab: 'What U Think I Said?'

For whatever reason, 6ix9ine’s team thought it would be a good idea to reach out to Benny The Butcher for a collaboration.

via: Complex

6ix9ine won’t be collaborating with Griselda’s Benny the Butcher anytime soon, at least if the Buffalo, New York rapper’s latest tweet is anything to go by.

“Tekashi Manager hit me up and ask me was interested in doin a song with his client,” Benny wrote on Twitter. “What u think I said?” Alongside the tweet, he shared a poll that included two options; “No” and “Fuck no.” The latter of the two options is winning by a wide margin, indicating that Benny’s fans know exactly where he stands.

Benny has been outspoken about his feelings regarding 6ix9ine in the past, calling him “a rat” during a VladTV interview last year. “Anybody who’s somebody with a pair of eyes coulda knew that little n***a was gon’ rat,” Benny The Butcher said. “He’s a rat. He don’t deserve to be out. He don’t deserve nothin’. He’s a rat. I was just talkin’ ’bout my n***as, the numbers that they got and nobody told nothing… He’s a fuckin’ rat. He’s a disgrace.”

He suggested that if he ever got a call from 6ix9ine directly, he’d throw his phone in the trash. It’s unclear what prompted 6ix9ine’s manager to get in contact considering what Benny has said in the past, but it’s also unclear why 6ix9ine does many things.

Between this and the recent revelation that 6ix9ine’s team had reached out to DJ Envy for a 4 AM check-in, it would appear that the rainbow rapper is seeking to mount a comeback by any means necessary. Unfortunately, he remains so disliked by his fellow rappers that one has to wonder if the Herculean task is even possible. In any case, it’s clear that Benny wants no part of any such tomfoolery, and you have to admire his blunt and amusing response to the surprising reach-out.

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