Tiny Releases New Song 'What The F*ck You Gon' Do' [Video]

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Who says T.I. is the only one who can release music about he and Tiny’s relationship?

The hip-hop couple has been in the headlines over the last few months for mostly the wrong reasons, and we’d be foolish not to think Tiny’s new song “What The F*ck You Gon Do?” isn’t reflective of their situation.

Not to mention there’s a T.I. lookalike in the video.

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Get into some of these lyrics:

Clearly, you ain’t thinkin’ /Boy tell me how you sleep at night

Cuz I been lonely/And you know that

and if you knew what’s good you would do right

I was on some sh*t like/I’mma be his ride or die

Show you what it feels like to be on the other side of the gun

Don’t keep trippin’ on me/You now you want it anyway

Don’t be sleepin’ on me/Cuz I don’t wanna ride out on ya, baby.

All I wanna do is stay down for you.

But you make it so hard not to give up on you.

If I leave then, what the f*ck you gon do?

*sips tea*

She released the song last night via iTunes along with the accompanying video.

Everyone’s been asking me to do music again…..well be careful what you ask for!! Im so excited to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes. Search Tameka Tiny Harris and get yours now! Thank you all for continuous prayers and support! This is for y’all!! #PrettyHustle #WTFYGD

Get into it below.

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