Tesla Introduces 'Dog Mode' Feature To Protect Pets From The Heat and 'Sentry Mode' for Security [Video]

Have you ever taken your pets to the dog park, and on the way home you realize you have to run in the grocery store to purchase a few items. Problem is, they don’t allow pets inside the store.

Well, Tesla believes they have a cool new solution to the problem. In an effort to save the hundreds of animals that die every year due to heat exhaustion, Tesla introduces a new feature in the Model 3, Dog Mode that allows you to set the car at a safe temperature for pets. The feature also displays a message on the central jumbo screen for passersby that reads,

“My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry the A/C is on!” while displaying the interior temperature.

The second new feature is a safety and security feature, Sentry Mode. If it detects people near the vehicle, this will activate the ‘Alert State’ the exterior cameras will begin recording. If a window is broken, the ‘Alarm State’ activates the car alarm, increases the brightness of the center display, and plays music at maximum volume.

via Tesla.com:

According to federal statistics, there was an estimated one motor vehicle theft or attempted theft every 40.8 seconds in the United States in 2017— and that doesn’t even include the vast number of car break-ins that happen nationwide. To further enhance the security of our vehicles and give our customers additional peace of mind, today we’re starting to roll out a new safeguard – Sentry Mode – to protect against break-ins and theft.


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